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3L 1.5L Tetra

Red Sangria

Notes of blood orange, black cherry and lemon zest. Simply pour over ice and enjoy! ¡Salud!

Serving Suggestions: Serving Suggestion
3L = 4 (750ML) Bottles Serving Icon About 20 5 ounce glasses
1.5L = 1 Pitcher Serving Icon About 10 5 ounce glasses
Tetra = 500 ML Serving Icon About 3 5.6 ounce glasses
Gluten Free Sunlight

Drink In the Sunshine!

Beso Del Sol is an authentic Sangria, sourced from its traditional region. Our Red Sangria comes freshly prepared with 100% natural ingredients and is made from traditional Spanish grapes that have been kissed by the sun. Simply pour over ice and enjoy! SALUD!

Per 5 Ounce Serving
113 Calories
17G Carbs
15G Sugars
1G Protein
0G Fat

Red Sangria Cocktails

Take our Red Sangria to the next level with one of these delicious Sangria cocktails.