Beso Del Sol Pink is a Rose Flavored With Various Fruits

Beso Del Sol Sangria

Publisher: TrendHunter
Date Published: July 25, 2017
Author: Mishal Omar
The Beso Del Sol brand is aimed at marketing its products to Millennials, and as this generation is the largest group of rosé consumers, it launched a new sangria that reflects the branding that Millennials tend to be attracted to.

Called Beso Del Sol Pink, the rosé is made from wine in the Valdepenas region of Spain. It is flavored with natural ingredients like the Spanish orange, lemon, peach, mango and cinnamon. The product features vibrant pink branding and comes in bottles, small individual cardboard boxes, and in boxed form. In addition, one serving of this fruity wine contains only 74 calories – making it well-suited for calorie-conscious individuals.

This vibrant wine can be consumed on its own, or mixed with fruit and hard liquor to make the perfect summer sangria.